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Our Journey

It was 2011 when the thoughts to start an IVF clinic were born in our minds. Looking at the wide gap & considering infertility as taboo pushed us to serve in this medical specialty. After completing post-graduation, she dedicated more than two years to the field of infertility. She encountered thousands of patients from different areas of the country. She experienced positive outcomes even in complex and challenging cases or patients with repeated IVF failure.
our journy

Keeping yourself motivated is the only key to success. It's true for the doctor who is threatening and for the patient who is getting the treatment. Your positive energy keeps your uterus positively charged. If you have decided you want your baby, nobody can stop you. Sometimes the journey may be long, tiring, and challenging. Still, your ambition to be a mother is more important than any other thing.

After completion, she started working with IVF experts to understand a better picture of our society and its requirements. Four years of rigorous work at the ground level made us realize that treatment should be easily approachable. With all these intentions, we founded the first stone of Ritu IVF.

Being more self-aware is the only key to understanding and better decision-making. But, unfortunately, most unprofessional and uneducated people in our society try to give the best suggestion without any evidence. And we are left with that information only.

Let us hold your hands & start your journey with Ritu IVF, Today.

our journy

Dr. Ritu Agarwal

Dr. Ritu Agarwal is a well-known IVF doctor in Jaipur. She has more than 10+ years of experience in this field. She completed her post-graduation in obstetrics and gynecology from RNT Medical College and a fellowship in Assisted Reproductive Technologies from IKDRC Ahmedabad. Dr. Ritu Agarwal has worked selflessly to help infertile couples become parents through proper treatment and alleviating emotional suffering.
She has brought happiness to the homes of over 18,000 couples. With a success rate of nearly 90%, she holds the rare distinction of becoming an expert in ICSI, IVF, and IUI procedures. She is the best gynecologist in Jaipur who puts their best efforts in terms of proper guidance and mental support to assist patients in getting the best solution for becoming a parent. Whether you are a young couple with a history of miscarriages or over the 40s with a low AMH, she can help at our fertility center in Jaipur.

Our Strength

We believe in creating awareness and making our society educated. This education is not only about infertility and
its treatment but also focuses on how to prevent being one of them.


Treatment of IVF is a little costly, but your smile and happiness matter more than this for us. Ritu IVF helps every couple in every possible way they can. Affordable EMI plans, donor programs and different treatment plans enable you to make a better decision that suits you to complete your journey.


we assure you of a transparent and trustworthy treatment. Treatment of IVF has a broad spectrum of offerings, from simple IUI to very complex IVF procedures. Our team will keep you updated about the progress of your treatment. In addition, our counselor helps you make your journey and experience smooth and memorable.


Your awareness helps you to make a better decisions on time. Your incomplete knowledge delays your decision and your treatment outcome significantly. Your understanding will help not only you but also others who are facing the same issues. Our team is always ready to answer every question you have in your mind.


Our dedicated IVF assistant executives are available to you 24x7 through our helpline. They help to guide you in any emergency during your IVF journey. Your precious baby is very special to us. Our team dedicates themself to a smile they will see when you carry your baby in your lap.

Our Team

Dr. Ritu AgarwalDirector
Dr. Jyoti Bansal
Dr. Jyoti BansalFounder