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Infertility is a common problem among couples across the globe. Couples often fail to conceive for many reasons despite trying for a long time. So, when they consult a gynecologist, the doctors analyze and evaluate the condition to find the right solution.

Infertility treatment often begins with fertility medication or minor treatments. If, even after medication and subtle treatment, fertility doesn't improve, patients can move to advanced fertility treatment after the doctor's recommendations. According to research, only 7% of women can conceive after trying for more than a year.

For any couple becoming parents is the biggest blessing; conceiving naturally is all we want. But due to some health complications, it isn't easy. However, advanced treatments provide hope for many people.

We offer a wide range of options in advanced fertility treatments to help you improve fertility.

Best Fertility Enhancing Surgery - Ritu IVF

We at Ritu IVF analyze and evaluate your condition to understand the root cause and severity of the issue. Based on analysis, symptoms, sexual habits, and other details, the best fertility enhancing treatment is recommended. There are different advanced fertility treatments recommended based on the condition.
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What is advanced Fertility Treatment?

With the development in technology, scientists and doctors have developed a range of advanced treatments for couples facing infertility issues. The treatments use the most advanced techniques and technology to help couples with infertility. Advancements include IVM, FET, PGT, IUI, IVF, ICSI, and more.

Different types of advanced fertility treatments that gynecologist can suggest

There are several advanced fertility treatments that your gynecologist can suggest to you:
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IVM- In Vitro Maturation of Oocytes

This advanced technique is part of assisted reproduction. When women go for IVF treatments, they have to go through multiple hormonal injections that increase the number of eggs that are used for IVF. However, IVM is different and can help in IVF. In IVM treatment, the infertile and immature eggs are collected from women's bodies and are matured in a lab. These matured lab eggs are then used for IVF treatment.
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ART- Assisted Reproductive Technology

ART is the advanced fertility treatment that is used in laboratory settings. ART is one of the advanced treatments suggested to couples in which sperm and eggs are handled in the laboratory. The sperm and eggs of the couple are placed under the supervision of embryologists and a team to help the couple with fertilization and achieve pregnancy. IVF, IUI, and ICSI are part of the ART technique for fertility.
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FET- Frozen Embryo Transfer

After successful rounds of IVF, many couples prefer to freeze embryos for future implementation; for such couples, FET is used. After the required embryos are transferred in IVF, the rest are frozen and are used for another cycle when couples want to have another child. FET is used for the second standard IVF cycle after hormonal levels are normal or recover from the IVF process. These advanced fertility treatments for women can improve the chances of pregnancy.
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Embryo Genetic Testing

Embryo Genetic testing is performed to check the chromosomal normality of these embryos. Generally, this testing is done for couples who are slightly hopeful for their fertility. The couples who have inheritable genetic issues or who want to avoid issues that might impact embryo health. Trophectoderm embryo biopsy is used to perform this test by embryologists to understand the health of embryos.
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IVF- In Vitro Fertilization

One of the most common and advanced fertility treatments for women that you might have heard around you. This method is the most recommended and a sort after technique for couples' infertility issues. During the IVF technique, medications are used to stimulate the ovary, which will help grow mature eggs to fertilize. Under this technique, eggs are extracted using minor surgical procedures. Sperm and eggs are placed together in the laboratory for fertilization and development of embryos. The developed embryos are then placed in the uterus or frozen for implementation in the future.
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ICSI- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

The micromanipulation technique is part of or used for IVF treatment. In this technique, like IVF, sperm and egg fertilization in the laboratory is not done naturally. To stimulate the process, ICSI uses healthy sperm to cytoplasm the egg with a glass needle. For couples who are facing male infertility issues, the technique does not rely on sperm health like IVF. After the detection of fertility issues among males, this technique is used for fertilization, then the normal IVF technique is followed for conception.
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PGD/PGS- Pre-Genetic Diagnosis/ Pre-Genetic Screening

PGD/PGS is a recent development in infertility issues, which can be termed a modern advancement in medicine. Pre-Genetic Diagnosis is used to assess an embryo's genetic profile before it is implanted. This technique is done to increase the chance of a healthy fetus. All the chromosomes are analyzed in PGS to check the health of the embryo.
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PGT- Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing

Some couples opt for PGT before embryo implantation, which is a procedure to check the abnormalities of the embryo. The three PGT tests- are PGT - A, PGT - M, and PGT - SR. PGT-A is recommended for women who had a miscarriage or might have old children with abnormalities. PGT- M is recommended for couples or families who have single-gene conditions. PGT- SR is recommended if either partner has a rearrangement of chromosomes.
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Assisted Hatching

When an embryo is developed naturally or in a laboratory, it's surrounded by cells that make a shell of "Zona" around it to provide protection. As the embryo grows, it breaks through this shell before implanting in the uterine wall. In the laboratory, embryologists or doctors have a chance to create a hole into this shell before implantation, which is called assisted hatching. Assisted hatching often increases the chances of pregnancy after failed IVF cycles.
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IUI- Intrauterine Insemination

In this technique, sperms are washed and concentrated, which are then placed into the uterine cavity with the help of a thin catheter. This process is used to bypass the issues and major weak points of the cervix and vagina. Thus, increasing fertilization in women.

How to choose the Advance fertility Treatment Center in Jaipur?

Choosing the right clinic involves researching and considering several factors: the clinic’s reputation, the qualifications and experience of the medical staff, success rates, the technologies they use, and patient reviews.

It’s also good to consult directly with the clinic, ask questions about their procedures, and ensure they offer the services you need.

Why choose Ritu IVF for advanced Fertility Treatments?

Ritu IVF has been offering successful solutions for couples who want to become parents; we are shortlisting a few for you:

Well-experienced team:

We have a registered team of practitioners who have been working in the field over the years. Moreover, doctors regularly attend seminars and conferences to upgrade themselves with the latest techniques and developments in fertility treatments. The team will analyze your case thoroughly and offer you the best fertility solutions to enhance your chances of conceiving.

Latest technology:

At Ritu IVF, we use the latest technology and techniques for testing and treatment. Whether it's surgical or non-surgical diagnosis and treatment, we can help you. We have developed machines and systems to help you.

Affordable solutions:

We understand how costly infertility medications and treatments can be, so our team designed affordable packages. We do not charge unnecessary or extra; our charges are clean and affordable.

Success rate:

Ritu IVF has a high success rate in couples with infertility. Over the years, Dr. Ritu Agarwal has helped more than 10,000 couples facing infertility issues. Our thorough analysis and right guidance have helped many couples.

Thorough consultation:

Our team takes testing to analyze your condition from the root cause to provide you a solution that is most likely to bring you success. So, if you are looking for infertility consultation, we can help you with analysis and advanced fertility treatments for women.

Discover the best fertility treatments only at Ritu IVF

We understand for couples trying to conceive, it's a challenging phase, both mentally and physically. But with advanced developments in different infertility treatments, there is hope for couples. You can conceive naturally as well as with scientific techniques. We have the latest solutions for infertility at our clinic. If you are facing issues in conceiving over the years, it's time to consult a gynecologist.

Are you facing infertility? Want to conceive or find a solution for infertility? Contact Ritu IVF for consultation. Dr. Ritu Agarwal and her team are here to help you with the solution right away.

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