Infertility Testing in Jaipur

Infertility is the key reason for many people who fail to conceive despite trying for more than a year. Being a parent is one of the most beautiful blessings that every couple wants to experience once in life. However, many couples face inconvenience in the chance of getting pregnant, due to different reasons. Infertility is common; according to research, 1 in 10 women have trouble conceiving.

If you are one of those, do not worry. We understand conceiving is difficult for many couples, but there is hope for many. Science has developed in a way that you can have a child with techniques like IVF.

We have seen couples who lose hope, but with science and healthcare, they were able to revive their hope.

Are you trying to conceive for more than a year? It's not critical to consult a gynecologist now. With infertility testing and diagnosis in Jaipur, you can understand the root cause and work toward your journey to heal and conceive.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is a condition or result of a disease in reproductive organs or other issues in which couples fail to conceive. According to healthcare providers, if a couple fails to convince in a year, they consider them infertile.

  • 1 in 3 women faces issues in the reproductive system.
  • 1 in 3 men has issues in the reproductive system.

There can be many reasons for females not being able to become pregnant. Some of them can be diagnosed and healed, while some have to take other methods for a child.

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What are the causes of Infertility?

The key symptom of Infertility is not conceiving; apart from these, it's difficult to find obvious fertility problems. However, if you have a reproductive disease, there are some symptoms that may vary. If you have these symptoms, you need to consult a fertility specialist immediately:

Why do females and males need Infertility testing?

If you are not able to get pregnant even after trying, these are some of the reasons you need to take infertility treatment:
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To understand the underlying issue:
Most of the time, there are no visible symptoms of why you are not able to conceive. There are chances you might have any underlying reproductive issues. Early diagnosis of a disease can help you cure it and increase your chances of conceiving it.
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Chances of improving:
Many severe impacts on male infertility are due to changes in lifestyle. People who consume alcohol, are smokers, and have bad eating habits have high chances of infertility. Early diagnosis after male infertility testing can give you a chance to improve fertility.
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Improved health:
Infertility due to an underlying disease can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health. Testing can help you understand your condition and begin treatment as early as possible to cure it.

Who should consider taking infertility tests?

The blood tests for infertility female or male, and other tests should be taken by those:

Those who are not ready for a baby currently want to plan for the future.

  • Who has recently undergone treatment for cancer.
  • Females facing issues like irregular periods and ovulation issues.
  • Who are trying to conceive for the last six months but failing.
  • Who had a history of sexual issues or chronic medical diseases.
  • Who are prone to STDs.

What are the different types of Infertility testing and diagnosis?

If you and your partner have been trying to get a baby for a while now but are unable to conceive, it's time you should consider a fertility test or consult a gynecologist in Jaipur. There are different types of infertility tests both men and women have to go through. However, there is not a single best test for infertility. Different gynecologists use a variety of testing systems to identify the cause of infertility.

Before you proceed with testing, there are a few things that gynecologists need to know:

  • Medical history- Long-term or short-term conditions
  • Any current ongoing medicines
  • Sexual habits
  • Eating habits like an avid coffee drinker, smoker, or alcoholic.
  • If there is contact with radiation or toxins at work or home.
  • History of birth control
  • Any STDs

After understanding these, patients take infertility tests such as

For Women

Fertility for women is connected with ovaries and reproductive organs working in a healthy manner. Problems can be found in ovaries or surrounding areas. Some tests are as follows:
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Hysterosalpingography (HSG):

The test, also known as Tubogram, is conducted to evaluate the health of the uterus and fallopian tubes. Doctors look for any blockage or other problems in these areas. HSG is a type of X-ray taken after your doctor injects a liquid dye through the vagina and uterus to check if the cavity is working normally or if the liquid has split out of the fallopian tube.
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Ovulation Testing:

This type of testing is for women to measure hormone levels to understand if they're ovulating.
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Under this test, diseases like endometriosis that can affect your pelvic organs are detected. To check your entire pelvic area and identify any issues, doctors insert tools in your belly with minimal surgery to inspect on a screen.
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This testing is performed to check for any uterine disease based on your symptoms. This is similar to laparoscopy to check for abnormalities. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy are advanced testing options usually taken after visible symptoms of some uterine disease.
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Ovarian Reserve Testing:

To determine the number of eggs produced for ovulation.

For men

We have all types of infertility testing with top-quality equipment and advanced fertility techniques to ensure the accuracy of tests.

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Hormonal Testing:

The male infertility testing to determine the level of testosterone and other hormones.
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Semen Analysis:

Semen and urine analysis may be done to test quality and identify issues that might cause infertility in men.
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Genetic testing:

Sometimes infertility can be caused by genetics. So, testing can be done to determine the issues in genes.
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Testicular Biopsy:

During this process, a small portion of testicles are extracted to examine and test for any abnormalities that cause infertility. This procedure can also be used for reproductive techniques.
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Other infertility tests:

There are other infertility tests for males, such as imaging, evaluation of semen DNA, male infertility profile test, and more, to check for infertility.

Cost of Infertility Testing in Jaipur

The cost of infertility testing in Jaipur can vary widely depending on the type of tests required and the fertility testing clinic chosen. Typically, prices for basic infertility tests start from a few thousand rupees and can increase depending on the complexity of the problem and the assessments needed.

Most fertility clinics offer packages that include a range of diagnostic procedures, such as semen analysis, hormone testing, ultrasound scans, and more specialized tests like hysterosalpingography (HSG) or laparoscopy. It's important for patients to inquire whether the clinic provides transparent pricing or not.

Additionally, couples should check with their insurance providers to understand what portions of the testing are covered under their health insurance plans, potentially reducing the financial burden of infertility testing in Jaipur.

How Ritu IVF can help you with infertility testing?

If you are looking for the best fertility clinic for infertility testing, Ritu IVF can help you with the best solutions. These are some reasons that make us suitable for infertility testing:
Latest Techniques:
We at Ritu IVF use the latest techniques of testing and treatment. Our procedure with tools and technology is up to date to ensure you get the best treatment and diagnosis solutions. We can help you with both male and female infertility tests with updated techniques.
High Success Rate:
We have been helping couples over the years now. Couples who were facing infertility issues due to different reasons were able to get solutions with us. Ritu IVF can offer a high success rate for couples who cannot conceive. From testing results to treatments, our success rate is higher among couples.
Extensive range of solutions:
Whether it's male infertility testing or female infertility tests, we have a wide range of solutions at our clinic to help you with infertility tests. Our gynecologist understands different techniques and can help you with the right testing and treatment options.
Experienced Team:
Our gynecologists and other experts are registered practitioners who are experienced with different complex cases. We have a team well-equipped and experienced with infertility cases. Moreover, our team often takes seminars to upgrade themselves to the latest inventions and techniques in healthcare.
Quality and Affordability:
We offer Quality services for infertility testing. Our packages for different testing options are affordable and you can use them to determine infertility causes. We designed our packages with years of experience and understanding of patient requirements.
Care and confidentiality:
We understand that infertility is not only physical but has an impact on your heart and mind. At Ritu IVF, you receive gentle care and confidentiality at the utmost level. We do not share data for financial gains. You can ensure the right guidance and approach without hassle.

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