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Every woman wishes to become a mother, and the majority of couples want to have their own baby. However, sometimes circumstances do not help or there are medical programs. So, gynecologists often recommend using the Donor program.

Yes! If you are facing this issue, you do not have to worry, there is hope. Donor programs can be your hope for conceiving.

Ritu IVF has special donor programs started to help couples facing infertility. We ensure our donors are healthy and eligible to donate eggs as per legal guidelines. Our donor program gives access to a large database and selection of eggs to help you. We keep our donor and receiver details confidential to ensure you do not face any issues. Donor programs can help couples in many ways to increase their chances of conceiving.

What is a Donor Program?

Donor Program is a comprehensive program that helps couples who cannot use their sperms due to clinical, personal, or any other issues. The Program is used when a couple's infertility tests are done, analyzed, and find a solution that needs donor eggs. In this donor embryo programs, a woman donates their eggs to help other women to conceive.
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How does our egg donor program work?

The egg donation process moves in a definite step to ensure, each and everything is checked thoroughly before proceeding. Here are the steps followed in the egg donor program:
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Post-retrieval process

After retrieval of the egg, our team will provide fertilization updates and layout plans to transfer fresh or frozen eggs. During this process, other tests for the women receiving eggs take place simultaneously to ensure there is a healthy transfer of eggs. These are the essential steps that our team takes to provide the best and affordable egg donor programs and solutions. Those who want to donate eggs anonymously to our clinic can contact us. They have to go through the same procedure till the donor cycle or egg retrieval phase. After retrieving the eggs are frozen for use whenever there is a requirement.
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Find and reserve your donor

Then our team will help you find a donor from our large egg donor database. You reserve an egg donor for yourself to proceed further. We confirm a donor only after availability, otherwise, you have to wait for donor availability.
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Once there is the availability of a donor, we along with the couple check the donor profile. Donors go through some tests to ensure they are healthy to proceed with egg donation. It can include any previous cycle, lab results, clinical profile, and more. After a mental and physical health assessment of the donor, our physician will give approval for further process. From here, there will be the official signing of documents and other legal formalities that protect the donor as well as the couple during the process.
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Fulfilling required process

After this, we will notify you and the donor to complete the formalities. At this point, you will receive a scheduled appointment for the official egg donation process. This process is required to give a medication schedule or anything needed before the process.
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Donor cycle

During this phase, all the medical procedures start which take 12 to 16 days to complete. Our team extends support, and encouragement, and helps resolve queries of donors and couples to make the procedure more effective and smoother. During the process, the egg is retrieved from the donor.
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Analysis of your condition

First, our expert team will conduct tests to analyze your condition, to ensure that you really need a donor program. Once the results are out and our team suggests a donor program, we will move further.

Why choose us for the egg donor program?

Ritu IVF is one of the best fertilization clinics you will find for egg donation or infertility treatment. We shortlisted a few reasons why you can choose us:
Affordable donor program:
We at Ritu IVF understand the hassle and issues of expensive procedures. That's why we have brought to you some of the affordable egg donor programs. Whether you are a donor or a couple taking a procedure, we ensure all the process is affordable. We do not charge a fee from couples unless there is the availability of donors in our program to ensure we can provide you with hope and potential results.
Quality Procedure:
We do not compromise quality on our platform. From selecting a donor to completing the transfer procedure, we ensure the utmost quality at every step through strict tests and analysis. Our team conducts all the necessary and additional tests to ensure donor eggs are healthy and women receiving the eggs can proceed with the method without complications. Our quality and sincerity in the donor egg program make us one of the reliable places to take this procedure for conceiving.
High success rate:
We understand the hope of becoming parents can still have a lot of emotions in you. Our team does not commit blindly, we convey the chances with transparency to ensure you are aware of reality. We only suggest donor programs only when the patient or couples are ready and are eligible to take the procedure. With our complete dedication, strict procedures, and quality in our process, we have a high success rate with our donor program.
Highly efficient team:
We at Ritu IVF have a highly efficient, well-equipped, experienced, and dedicated team. Our doctors and staff are registered practitioners to perform these procedures ensuring you are under the right guidance. Our team extends the required support and ensures our patients understand the procedure and undergo it smoothly throughout the process.
Support to simplify the process:
We have a team to resolve your queries. At any given point in time, if you have a query regarding the procedure, we patiently try to resolve it for you. Our team ensures understanding of all the procedures in a simplified manner. Consult our team with your issues, we will help you resolve your queries and provide effective solutions.

Check out our affordable egg donor programs

If you are dealing with infertility issues and have tried IVF- In Vitro Fertilization, then it's time to go for advanced fertility treatments. It's a hope that you can conceive in a healthy manner. You can check out the egg donor program at Ritu IVF. We conduct a well-analyzed and tested procedure to ensure the best results. Whether you are a donor or a couple going for an egg donation program, we can help you with simplified and effective procedures.

Consult our team and share your previous reports, and details, ask your queries and get your egg transfer procedure. We also offer other infertility treatments that you can try based on your gynecologist's recommendation.

So, check out the Ritu IVF team to know more about Donor egg programs and procedures.

Happy stories speak


First of all I want to say thanks we are really so thankful that Dr. Ritu Agarwal makes our dreams come true, she is so much helpful and a really good doctor I ever met before,i would say she not only listens to everyone very patiently and calmy but also gives a personal touch to all
Thank you, mam, for your priceless efforts

Abhishek mittal – Jyoti mittal
We got referred from priyanka yadav,my colleague in bank .She told me about behaviour of Ritu mam and her experience with Ritu mam. From the very 1st time since we met with mam,our experience was really very good,We were very happy with our experience with Dr. Ritu ma’am , And we will definitely advice other patients to start their beautiful journey of IVF with the most humblest and attentive doctor ,Dr. Ritu Agarwal Thankyou so much ma’am
Lajwannti- Rishi Raj
Really this is not a hard job to describe the journey of arrival of “Avnish” by the grace of god and great effort by ma’am Dr. Ritu Agarwal. I remember the date 11/07/2021 ,when we first met ma’am, that was the first sign when we realised that our journey of baby finished here. However after lot of ups & downs and unconditional support by ma’am we finally received our packet of joy on 01/08/202 Undoubtly ,this journey was never started or completed without support of Dr. Ritu Agarwal ,Her Smile and confidence always supported us and corporated to our goal. We are really thankful to mam from bottom of our heart and wish all her bright future in this great endeavour.
Priya & Abhi
I have taken treatment for IVF from Dr. Ritu Agarwal and successfully have been blessed with two twins daughters,when all hopes were failed of conceiving ,Dr. Ritu Agarwal proved to be a blessing for me . She is very patient with her patients and tries hard by all means for a successful chance. Now I can say I am a big fan of her and I would truly and definitely recommend her,she treats every patient like a family member and is always available 24x7 for her patients I can’t thank her enough for everything she has given

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