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Infertility treatment is a medical process that helps couples unable to conceive naturally become pregnant. If you're struggling with fertility problems, you're not alone. Many people are bothered by this problem in their marital life. This is a very emotional issue for adults. While there are many possible causes or things of infertility, successful female and male infertility treatments are available. So, if you're trying hard to conceive and all your efforts go in vain, don't despair. Medicines are available. Talk to our fertility specialist in Jaipur about your options for testing and treatment so that you can start building your family. There are many tests, ultrasound, x-ray, therapy, and fertility medications available.

What is infertility?

Infertility is a medical condition that effect a person's ability to conceive and have children. If you are naturally trying for more than a year and not getting pregnant, it is a sign of infertility. The study says, in many cases, it can become a reason for relationship failure. A variety of factors, including hormonal imbalances, structural problems (shape) with the reproductive organs, and health conditions such as diabetes, imbalance of hormones, infection, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, and radiation therapies can cause it. Stress can also be one of the causes of infertility in males and females.
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What causes infertility?

Why Get Female and Male Infertility Treatment

If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, you may be considering infertility testing. Infertility treatment can be costly, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. Still, it can also be successful in helping couples have the baby they've always wanted.
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Increased Chance of Conception:

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing an advanced infertility treatment is that it can greatly increase your chances of conceiving a child. Depending on the cause of your infertility and the type of treatment you choose, your success rate could be as high as 80-90%.
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Reduced Stress Levels:

Infertility can be a very stressful condition, both physically and emotionally. Undergoing treatment can help to reduce stress levels by giving you a sense of control and hope during a very difficult time.
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Improved chances of carrying a baby to term:

Infertility treatments can help increase the chance of carrying a baby full-term by addressing underlying health issues that may cause pregnancy complications.
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Greater peace of mind:

Many couples who undergo infertility treatment feel a sense of relief and hope after starting treatment. Knowing that you're doing everything possible to conceive can ease some of the tension buildups between couples.
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A better understanding of your body:

Pursuing treatment will give you a better understanding of your body and how it works. This knowledge can be empowering and helpful even if you don't get pregnant after treatment.

Why Choose Ritu IVF as Your Primary
Infertility Treatment Center?

If you're looking for an infertility treatment in Jaipur that can help you conceive with a high success rate, Ritu IVF Center is a great option. Here are six reasons why:

Best results:

Ritu IVF has a high success rate. We've helped countless couples achieve their dream of parenthood, and our success rate is among the best in the business.

Wide range of treatments:

We offer a range of treatments and services. Whether you need IVF, IUI, or egg donation, we can help.

Professional team:

We have a team of experienced and caring professionals. Our fertility doctors are some of the bests in the country, and they're passionate about helping couples conceive.


Ritu IVF offers competitive pricing for all of its fertility treatments, making it an affordable option for couples who are looking to start or expand their family.

No-pressure approach:

At Ritu IVF, we understand that female and male infertility treatment can be stressful. That's why we take a no-pressure approach with our patients – we'll never push you to do something you're not comfortable with.

Happy stories speak


First of all I want to say thanks we are really so thankful that Dr. Ritu Agarwal makes our dreams come true, she is so much helpful and a really good doctor I ever met before,i would say she not only listens to everyone very patiently and calmy but also gives a personal touch to all
Thank you, mam, for your priceless efforts

Abhishek mittal – Jyoti mittal
We got referred from priyanka yadav,my colleague in bank .She told me about behaviour of Ritu mam and her experience with Ritu mam. From the very 1st time since we met with mam,our experience was really very good,We were very happy with our experience with Dr. Ritu ma’am , And we will definitely advice other patients to start their beautiful journey of IVF with the most humblest and attentive doctor ,Dr. Ritu Agarwal Thankyou so much ma’am
Lajwannti- Rishi Raj
Really this is not a hard job to describe the journey of arrival of “Avnish” by the grace of god and great effort by ma’am Dr. Ritu Agarwal. I remember the date 11/07/2021 ,when we first met ma’am, that was the first sign when we realised that our journey of baby finished here. However after lot of ups & downs and unconditional support by ma’am we finally received our packet of joy on 01/08/202 Undoubtly ,this journey was never started or completed without support of Dr. Ritu Agarwal ,Her Smile and confidence always supported us and corporated to our goal. We are really thankful to mam from bottom of our heart and wish all her bright future in this great endeavour.
Priya & Abhi
I have taken treatment for IVF from Dr. Ritu Agarwal and successfully have been blessed with two twins daughters,when all hopes were failed of conceiving ,Dr. Ritu Agarwal proved to be a blessing for me . She is very patient with her patients and tries hard by all means for a successful chance. Now I can say I am a big fan of her and I would truly and definitely recommend her,she treats every patient like a family member and is always available 24x7 for her patients I can’t thank her enough for everything she has given

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