What is the Success Rate of IVF?

IVF success rate

IVF is a hope for women who face infertility issues and look for ways to conceive. Every woman wishes to become a mother one day, but not all are blessed to conceive. The reasons for infertility in men and women can be endless. However, now there are treatments available to help women conceive.

IVF is the most popular method of conceiving due to its high success rates. We at Ritu IVF have been helping couples to conceive with a high success rate.

Natural IVF Cycle Determining IVF Success Rate

Natural Cycle or Unsimulated IVF is another way to regular simulated IVF cycles. In this process, the patient does not have to take high doses of medicines regularly. However, you will undergo injections by the end of the cycle to prevent chances of early ovulation. IVF natural Cycle is used when the simulation has failed repeatedly. After the natural IVF cycle, egg retrieval will be performed to further fertilize in the laboratory.

IVF Chances of Success Rate

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization is a method specifically suggested or chosen by doctors and patients due to its high success rates. But the success rate can differ from patient to patient due to different factors such as:

  • Age
  • Quality of Sperm
  • History
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Embryo transfer
  • Ovarian stimulation protocol

Chances of IVF Working the First Time

The chances of IVF working the first time will be determined by the test results that will identify different factors. When you consult Ritu IVF for treatment, our team will conduct various tests. We will gather details like your history, any previous infertility treatment, lifestyle, age, etc. After the test results, we can help you provide information on whether IVF is for you and will work or not.

We understand IVF is popular and has a high success rate, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. So, test results will determine your IVF success rates.

IVF Success Rate by Age

IVF success rate is highly driven by age. As the age declines, the chances of success rate reduce. We have helped women of different age groups; however, the success rate depends on different factors. The decline in age and other critical factors can determine the impact of clinical results.

Under 35

According to reports, the chances of live births per retrieval percentage for Women under 35 is 54.5%. Women under 35 are healthy, strong internally, and have a higher ability to produce eggs for fertilization. This makes IVF more successful for women under 35.

Age group 35 to 37

Between 35 to 37, the percentage of live birth egg retrieval decreases to 41.1% due to a decline in egg production and body strength.

Age group 38 to 40

According to reports, between the ages of 38 to 40, the percentage decline is slower, but significant at 26.7%. At this age, it’s critical for women to consider IVF, to prevent further decline.

Over 40

Women at age 40 or beyond 40 face a significant decline in IVF success rates by 7%. Beyond 40, the chances of IVF success reach almost negligible or highly difficult. At this age, egg production is significantly lower.

Why can Age Impact the Clinical Results of IVF?

IVF success rates under 35 are higher and reduce as the age increases due to:

Lifestyle factors: Lifestyle factors become critical in IVF success rates. Women have unhealthy diets, poor sleeping routines, eating habits, or habits like smoking and drinking, etc. These factors can affect the health and quality of eggs and reduce the chances of conceiving.

Quality and Quantity of eggs: Women in their 30s face a decline in egg production and its quality. As the age increases, the quality and quantity of eggs decline. This results in a decline in the chances of IVF success. Women in their 40s have significantly lower egg production with poor quality.

Individual Infertility issues: Infertility problems like endometriosis, uterine lining issue, low sperm count, quality of egg, etc can affect fertility. So, doctors will recommend you conduct individual infertility tests to identify the problem and determine the chances of IVF success rates.

Why Choose Ritu IVF?

At Ritu IVF we give patients many reasons to consult us. Our team believes in giving hope to couples only when there are some changes. Here are a few reasons you can consider us:

Technology: We understand success rate can be determined by different factors, but technology is also important. At Ritu IVF we use the latest and upgraded equipment to ensure the best results. We regularly keep in touch with the industry to ensure our equipment is upgraded.

Experienced Team: We have well-experienced and registered practitioners on our team to handle the IVF process carefully. Our team understands the vulnerability and complexity of IVF and what patients go through. So, we ensure each step during IVF is handled with care and confidentiality.

Helped more than 10,000 Couples: Ritu IVF is a well-known name because of our services and solutions for more than 10,000 couples’ infertility. Over the years we have been helping couples with a wide range of options to improve their infertility.

High Success Rate: Ritu IVF is known for its high success rate; Our team analyzes to understand if there is a possibility of successful IVF. This results in the chances of IVF treatment being successful.

Ritu IVF has a wide range of Infertility solutions and treatments. Our team identifies infertility issues via infertility tests and offers you the most effective solutions. If you are looking for infertility treatment or have been suggested IVF, Ritu IVF is your solution. Whether it’s your first time using IVF treatment or another IVF cycle, we can help you. We thoroughly check your IVF success factors and provide you with solutions based on the same.

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